Terms and conditions



1.. We advise customers bringing  equipment to us that has memory or data storage functions to back these up  beforehand as we will accept no liability if  data is lost.


2.. There will be a minimum charge equivalent to 1 hour £75 once a repair or service is started .


3.. We will provide an estimate beyond this first hour, if applicable, which requires customer approval before further work can commence.


4.. Estimates are approximate; by the nature of the work additional faults may become apparent once the initial faults have been rectified. Should the estimate need to be revised the customer will be consulted before additional work and costs are incurred.


5.. Any completion times are an estimate. Availability of parts and additional faults may lead to delays beyond our control. We will keep customers informed when progress may be delayed.


6.. We will not undertake work in excess of a previously agreed price without customer permission.


7.. Repairs carry a three month warranty from notification of completion but are limited to the work done. If further faults develop during the warranty period these will not be covered. Please be aware that used equipment, and in particular vintage equipment may be prone to faults due to aging components. customers will be advised if likely problems are found.


8.. The warranty starts from the day the customer is notified that the work is complete, not the day of first use so, please make sure you collect promptly and test the item upon receipt. Vintage Vacuum tubes / Valves and vintage transformers are NOT covered by any Warranty .


9.. Any warranty will be void if the item is opened or inspected by anyone other than ourselves, without our prior written consent.


10. Customers will be notified when items are ready for collection or shipment. Items will only be released when repair costs have been paid in full.


11.. If goods are not collected within 14 days of this notification, we reserve the right to charge a storage fee of £25 per item per week.


12.. If goods are not collected and repairs paid for within 3 Months of notification, we reserve the right to sell these goods to recover the costs of repairs, storage and the time spent on recovering costs.


13.. Any repairs undertaken are on the basis that you have read and agree to these conditions.


14.. These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice